My favorite places to eat… In Paris!

I spent quite some time I’m the Beautiful city of Love.  And yes, it has some great spot to eat, but it is really better to KNOW where you are going, especially for us, vegan people. So here are my favorites.

Tien Hiang

Vegetarian Asian restaurant. My favorite place to eat some vegan imperial/spring rolls. The chef cooks using textured soy protein, so unfotunately if you are trying to avoid soy products, it could be a bit difficult.

 The restaurant is always full no matter the hour, the service can be a bit rude depending of the hour and the person serving you (unfortunately).

I wouldn’t recommend you going at lunch hours, but more at dinner time, because They make  sort of combos and the food definetely taste better at night. 

Make sure to let them know that you are vegan, they sometimes use cheese.

Nonetheless, it is still my favorite place to eat Asian food in Paris.

Gentle Gourmet

Amazing, simply amazing. Great staff, great food.

They serve ice cream. I mean come on ICE CREAM. The most difficult thing to find in the city.

Their sandwiches are to die for and their food !!!!!

Celebrated a birthday there and would definitely do it again.

Make sure you try their brunch !!!

L’As du Fallafel (vegetarian friendly)

The best fallafel in the city. The first time, I went there I waited 45 mn to get my fallafel sandwich to go. Every single bite was worth it. Every. Single. One.

Their carrot juice is really good too.

This place is always busy and always open. The staff is really nice too.

Favorite places to eat burger

There was a time when a friend of mine and I were on a quest to find the perfect place to eat burgers. For both of us. She is not vegan but we still found some places that satisfied the both of us.

Their vegetarian burger was really good! She ordered before I got there and I didn’t know it wasn’t vegan but, let’s admit it, it was really good

  1. Blend hamburger (vegetarian friendly) 

Their vegetarian burger was really good! She ordered before I got there and I didn’t know it wasn’t vegan but, let’s admit it, it was really good

  1. VG : vegetarian fast food place and vegan friendly. Tasted good, nice staff and always busy
  2. Hankburger : don’t take my word for it, just go there and grab one burger. You won’t regret it
  3. M.O.B. : same concept as the one in Brooklyn, at la cité des arts et de la mode. It was good but not amazing
  4. East side burger : the staff can be rude, but the burgers are good. Discovered it on chef Chloe Coscarelli’s blog. 

Favorite place to brunch

Well, except the Gentle gourmet, I went with a friend of mine to this place called 37 m^2. They serve taïwanese brunch, and have a vegetarian option. Call before going there and let them know that you are vegan. The Chef will accommodate you. 

I didn’t tell them and they ran out of tofu, but they did a little something for me. It was good. Scratch that it was amazing. Fruit salad, crispy ginger zucchini, I don’t even know how he cooked the sweet potato but man, I never had such a good sweet potato, bubble tea, tea, and I don’t remember what else. But it was good, and I was more than full for like 20€ ?!? 

Do yourself a favor and just go there. I mean you HAVE to try it. It will change your life.

Simply amazing.

Call be for going there and let them know that you are vegan. The Chef will accommodate you. 

Be careful their bread is not vegan

Favorite places to eat african food

I have an Ethiopian restaurant that I really like. You can order the vegan plates and discover tasty food on an injera at Ménélik.

There’s also L’Albarino where you can find the Ivorian staples, attieke, alloco, sip on some Bissap, and try the tiep bou dien (Senegalese rice) or some n’dolè (Cameroonian leaves stew), they wills accommodate you if you call beforehand and let them know you are vegan. 

Addresses :

  • Tien Hiang : 14, rue Bichat 75 010 
  • Gentle Gourmet : 24 Boulevard de la bastille, 75 012 
  • L’As du Fallafel :32-34 Rue des Rosiers, 75 004
VG: 85 rue La Fayette, 75 009
Hankburger : 55 Rue des Archives, 75003
M.O.B. :4 Rue Lekain, 75016
East Side Burger : 60 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011
37 m2: 68 Rue Rodier, 75009
Ménélik : 4 Rue Sauffroy, 75017
L’Albarino : 4 Rue Lekain, 75016

I think this is pretty much it, I will bring you more posts on my favorites places to eat.
So tell me, what’s your favorite restaurant ?

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